Enjoying The Process, Dos & Don’ts For A Smoother Ride

The design process is best described as a roller coaster. There are lots of up and downs, sometimes thrilling and other times terrifying. Often, you do not know what is around the corner. Having a good Architect as your guide can certainly help. Here are some Dos and Don’ts that will help you enjoy the ride.

DON’T assume anything.
• Guessing is always risky.
• Hoping for the best rarely works out.
• Do your homework.
• Make decisions based on a clear understanding of the facts.

DON’T be in a rush – haste makes waste.
• Quality takes a back seat when timing is driving your Project.
• You’ll have less control over how your money is spent.
• You want the best bang for the buck? Then take the time to think things through, plan carefully and shop wisely.
• Structure your project to reduce the pressure to speed.
• Remember, the process always takes longer than you think, or you are told.

DON’T be penny wise and pound foolish.
• Saving small sums of money in the wrong places can be costly.
• True, small amounts can and do add up, but be prudent when making choices, because, most of the time, you’ll get what you pay for.
• What may look like a savings, in the end, may not be.

DON’T go away during construction.
• Plan that trip later, if you can.
• No matter how diligent and dependable your Architect and Contractor are, no one will take your project and your money more seriously than you.
• Pay close attention to what is being built, so you’ll like it, and so you’ll avoid paying for corrections, or worse, living with glitches.

DON’T make changes during construction.
• Unless it is absolutely necessary.
• Doing so can result in delays and expensive change orders.

DO trust your instincts.
• The gut sometimes seems smarter than the brain.
• If that little birdie is chirping in your ear, listen to it and take prompt action.

DO ask questions.
• Trust, but verify is an old adage for a reason.
• If you don’t understand it, how can you make a wise choice?
• There is no such thing as a dumb question, so ask away.

DO be patient.
• Give those working for you the time they need to do their job and get it right.
• Relax and you and everyone else involved will have more fun and less stress.

DO keep the ball moving, however.
•While patience is a virtue, you should always be seeing progress.
• If things get stuck, they can stay that way for a long time.
• Efficiency matters.
• Delays cause a loss of focus, which can lead to mistakes and extra costs.

DO be supportive and keep a sense of humor.
• Happy people work harder and better, particularly when appreciated.
• Praise and encouragement are worth more than money.

DO pay your bills, and promptly too, because money still matters.
• Fast payers get faster and more enthusiastic service – it’s just human nature.

DO communicate in writing, always.
• It provides clarity and helps to keep things from falling through the cracks.

DO hire people you like, and who share your values.
• This is the most important of all the DOs!